The “Nanomagnetism and Magnonics” Research Group is a young team that conducts internationally leading research in the field of magnetism. Our main aim is to explore fascinating physical phenomena in the dynamics of magnetic and superconducting systems and to use them for applications.  

Current research directions: 



This competitive program provided individual grants to 43 magnetics researchers working in Ukraine. The NanoMag volunteered to support the realization...


The project will explore topological magnon transport via experimentally realized topological magnonic crystals at the nanoscale. As a principal...


Dr. Aleman will present his talk, titled “Spinwave Brillouin spectroscopy with frequency combs and broadband electrical detection” on Friday, November...


A group of talented high school students from Ukraine came to visit various scientific institutions in Vienna, including our research group.


We congratulate our PhD student Noura Zenbaa, who has won the “Best Presentation Award” at this year’s IEEE NAP



Isabel and Rufus had the opportunity to join our team during the month of July, learning about the research at the group and actively working to...


The University of Basel hosted talks and poster presentations of many members of the group, who could share their research with peers from Swiss and...


The breakthrough in research on novel energy-efficient computer is explained in a new paper in "Science Advances"


The lecture series “Magnonics” published on our YouTube site offers the possibility for anyone to virtually sit at the Faculty of Physics of the...


This grant will give the opportunity to Dr. Knauer to perform measurements and exchange knowledge in CEITEC, Czech Republic


Our Master degree student Andreas Höfinger has been awarded a support grant from the University of Vienna to complete his research


We are looking for a new PhD student to join the NanoMag!


This summer, three temporary NanoMagners will be joining us to work on a variety of projects


Asst. Prof. Bozhko will present his talk, titled “Advances in observation of linear and nonlinear magnon spectra” on Monday, June 5th


Prof. Slavin will present his talk “Spectral resolution of an ultrafast microwave spectrum analyzer based on a sweep-tuned spin-torque...