The “Nanomagnetism and Magnonics” Research Group is a young team that conducts internationally leading research in the field of magnetism. Our main aim is to explore fascinating physical phenomena in the dynamics of magnetic and superconducting systems and to use them for applications.  

Current and future research topics: 



Vienna’s City Hall opened its doors to the science and research community for the Vienna Ball of Sciences and many smartly dressed NanoMagners joined...


Are you a Bachelor or Master student? Until 31 January 2023 you have time to apply for a chance of joining the group in our research around nanoscale...


Oleksandr Dobrovolskiy will lead the efforts from the FWF-funded Austrian side in order to examine the physics of spin waves in...


We would like to wish everyone a happy and successful 2023 and invite you to read our 2022 highlights and holiday greetings!


Asst. Prof. Hioki will present his talk “Exploration of various magnon states using magnetization state tomography” on Friday, December 16th. The talk...


The whole NanoMag congratulates Dr. Wang for his new position at one of China’s leading research universities, where he will establish his own group



Asst. Prof. Elyasi will present his talk “Theory of the magnon parametron” on Tuesday, November 15th. The talk will be live and available on Zoom


Our PhD student Andrei Voronov started his three months long Erasmus+ at CEITEC in Brno, Czech Republic


The Magnetics Society “Magnetism for Ukraine” Initiative is assisting in the support and recovery of science and technology in Ukraine, promoting the...


Michael received the award for his PhD thesis, titled “Bose-Einstein condensation of a DC-pulse driven magnon systems”


The SuperSpin Lab, together with our faculty's Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lang, join as Management Committee Members from Austria the COST ActionCA21144...


@nanomagvie is our account on the platform. There we want to share to a wider audience the research, projects and people from the NanoMag


The International Partners Meeting of the FWF-ANR-funded project “MagFunc” was a success after two days of presentations and scientific exchange


The School was attended by many members of the NanoMag and the award was presented to Kristýna for her poster titled “Towards cryogenic measurements...


This summer, many interns are joining the NanoMag. We are happy to open the doors of our group to a diverse group of people, ranging from high school...