The “Nanomagnetism and Magnonics” Research Group is a young team that conducts internationally leading research in the field of magnetism. Our main aim is to explore fascinating physical phenomena in the dynamics of magnetic and superconducting systems and to use them for applications.  

Current and future research topics: 



Paul Dreher will present his talk “Microscopic insights into superconductivity in 2D transition metal dichalcogenides” on Friday, January 21st. The...


We are happy to announce that we have been awarded a Science Communication Project from the FWF to produce an interactive webcomic based on our...


We would like to wish everyone a happy and successful 2022 and invite you to read our 2021 highlights and holiday greetings


Michael successfully defended his PhD thesis “Bose–Einstein condensation of magnons by rapid cooling and its interplay with spin orbit torque” at the...


An international team of scientists has found an easy way to control an unusual state of matter called a Bose-Einstein condensate by spin-orbit...


Björn successfully defended his PhD thesis “Nano-scaled yttrium iron garnet conduits for magnonic networks” at the TU Kaiserslautern.



Dr. Gonzalez-Ballesteros will present his talk “Nanophotonics-inspired magnonics” on Friday, November 26th. The talk will be live-streamed.


Dr. Igor Golovchanskiy will present his talk “Cavity magnonics: fundamentals and current trends” on Friday, November 19th. The talk will be...


Sergey Mironov's talk “Inverse Faraday effect in superconducting condensates” will be live-streamed on Friday, November 12th at 09:00.


Barbora Budinska and Oleksandr Dobrovolskiy, in collaboration with D. Makarov, O. Volkov, A. Kakay and O. Pylypovskyi (HZDR, Germany) have presented a...


Dr. Urbánek will present his talk “Propagation, refraction and steering of spin waves in materials with locally controlled magnetic anisotropy” on...


The Vienna Doctoral School in Physics will provide her with financial support to connect with international experts.


Dr. Fernández-Pacheco will present his talk “New effects in 3D magnetic nanostructures with complex geometries” this Friday, October 8th. The talk...


The retreat was a great opportunity to share know-how and the latest research updates among group members.


We are opening a new PhD position in the fields of "Magnon-based data processing". The deadline for application is on the 30th of September.