High-temperature super­con­ductivity at the nano- and large scales

High-Tc superconductors (HTS) are becoming a more viable option to improve energy transition thanks to their ability to carry bigger currents and to control large magnetic fields. HTS can become superconducting above the temperature of liquid nitrogen, which is attractive for the field of energy distribution and storage.

We have joined the network of researchers from 20 other countries pursuing the implementation of HTS in all different parts of the electrical energy chain. This collaborative project is funded by the European COST Action CA19108 “High-Temperature SuperConductivity for AcceLerating the Energy Transition” (HI-SCALE).

We contribute to this Action by studies of the superconducting and magneto-resistive properties of HTS cuprates with particular focus on the evolution of their current-carrying ability in consequence of various extreme exposures, including irradiation with ions, electrons, and interactions with quasiparticle ensembles.

Selected prior publications