WPI Fellowships for Ukrainian researchers


During their first week the “WPI fellowships for Ukrainian researchers” have already been able to help 26 scientists in Ukraine.

The Wolfgang Pauli Institute (WPI) Vienna, led by Prof. Dr. Norbert Mauser, provided support to Ukrainian colleagues in mathematics, physics and related natural sciences living in Ukraine by paying them „flat rate scholarships“ for an initial short period.

The money will help scientists in Ukraine to continue their work at Ukrainian institutions during the Russian invasion. Currently the WPI is trying to find more money for hopefully extending this scholarship program, by accepting new applications and prolonging current ones.

We thank all members of the WPI, in particular its director, Prof. Mauser, who made this extremely helpful fast emergency support possible for those Ukrainians staying in their country. Moreover, NanoMag members will keep providing support in disseminating information, advising applicants, and collecting applications.

Prof. Dr. Norbert Mauser, director of the WPI.