Spin waves for beginners on YouTube


The NanoMag YouTube channel continues growing, this time with a mini-lecture on spin waves

One of the group’s commitments is to open our field of research to a wider audience. With this new mini-lecture, Prof. Andrii Chumak offers an introduction to spin waves targeted to physics’ students worldwide.

To explain this fascinating phenomenon, we start with the description of the simplest harmonic oscillation, recall mechanical precession and explain what the magnetisation precession is. The mini-lecture finishes with a brief example of a real experimental study of spin-wave physics. 

One of the main advantages of the video platform is that it offers the audience the opportunity to ask questions about the topics discussed, which we are happy to answer and, thus, help viewers gain a deeper understanding of the field.

In the following months we are planning to increase the number of videos and their variety. Our end goal is to offer a place where both experts and newcomers to the field can find interesting and engaging content.