Priv.-Doz. Dr. habil. Oleksandr Dobrovolskiy

Head of the SuperSpin Lab

Senior Scientist

Professor of Low Temperature Physics, D. Sci. (Ukraine)

Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna

Währinger Str. 17, room: 209

1090 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +43 1 4277 73920

E-mail: oleksandr.dobrovolskiy(at)

Researcher ID: E-8060-2012

Google Scholar: Oleksandr V. Dobrovolskiy

ORCID: 0000-0002-7895-8265

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Publication List

Invited talks at international conferences

Forthcoming (confirmed)
  • Magnon Fluxonics, Magnonics School - MAGNETOFON (Porto, 22.07.22)
  • Hybrid superconducting/ferromagnetic structures, FEBIP-2022 (Krakow, 14.07.22)
  • Direct-write 3D nanoarchitectures for superconductivity and magnetism, EPS Forum (Paris, 03.06.22)
  • Cherenkov generation of spin waves by magnetic flux quanta, MagnetMeet (Tokyo, 15.04.22)
  • Vortex jets in superconductors, QuantMat 2022, (Madrid, 09.03.22)
  • Cryogenic magnonics, ICSM 2021
  • Superconductivity and magnetism in 3D nano-architectures, IEEE NanoMat-2021pdf
  • 3D nanoarchitectures for superconductivity and nanomagnetism, CurviCM 2021pdf
  • Ultra-fast vortex dynamics in nanoengineered superconductors, LTP 2021 (07.06.2021), pdf
  • Microwave stimulation of superconductivity in the vortex state, Vortex 2021 (28.05.2021), pdf
  • Magnon fluxonics, InterMag 2021, (online, 29.04.2021), pdf
  • Direct-write nano-architectures for 3D magnonics, JEMS 2020 (online, 07.12.2020), pdf
  • Magnon fluxonics, IEEE NanoMat-2020 (online, 10.11.2020), pdf
  • 3D nanostructures for superconductivity and magnetism, DPG-2020 (online, 20.03.2020), pdf
  • Magnon-Fluxon interaction in hybrid nanostructures, MMM-2019 (Las Vegas, USA, 06.11.2019), pdf
  • Magnon fluxonics, Magnonics-2019 (Carovigno, Italy, 29.07.2019), pdf
  • Magnon-Fluxon interaction in hybrid nanostructures, Vortex-2019 (Antwerp, Belgium, 22.05.2019), pdf
  • 3D nanomagnetism and superconductivity, DPG-2019, (Regensburg, Germany, 02.04.2019), pdf
  • Unconventional magnonics: From nano-optics to superconductivity, LTP-2019 (Kharkiv, Ukraine, 04.06.2019), pdf
  • Fabrication of 3D nanoarchitectures by focused particle beams, CurviMag-2019 (Kyiv, Ukraine, 23.05.2019), pdf
  • Microwave emission from Abrikosov vortices in Mo/Si superlattices, NanoCoHybri-2019 (Eilat, Israel, 18.02.2019), pdf